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Unified channel management for seamless synchronization

Maintain real-time synchronization of your listings, pricing, and reservations across all connected channels, eliminating overbooking concerns and maximizing bookings.

Enhance listings appeal with omnichannel property management

Maintain real-time synchronization of your listings, pricing, and reservations across all connected channels, eliminating overbooking concerns and maximizing bookings.

Optimize revenue with smart pricing strategies

Set and adjust dynamic pricing strategies based on occupancy rates, seasonality, and competitor pricing, ensuring that your rates are always competitive and optimized for revenue.

Capture all reservations and details

Track all reservations from booking to check-out, including guest details, check-in/check-out times, and payments. Gain valuable insights into booking trends and guest preferences.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure you never an important moment

Gather and manage guest information, including emergency contact details, special requests, and feedback. Ensure seamless guest transitions and personalized experiences.

Choose your ideal reservation activity view

Visualize your property's occupancy calendar and timeline, providing an overview of upcoming bookings and guest transitions. Make informed decisions about staff scheduling and resource allocation.

Manage your rental business finances end-to-end

Streamline your financial management, effortlessly track expenses, and generate invoices with a comprehensive financial suite.

Centralize payment management and increase effiency

Experience a centralized payment management process that streamlines reservation billings. Seamlessly monitor payments statuses and proactively engage with owners and guests.

Optimize expense management and gain insights

Track and manage all reservation expenses, including reservations, cleaning, utilities, maintenance, and commissions. Gain insights into your spending patterns and identify areas for optimization.

Delight your guest with improved communication
Empower yourself with the tools, resources, and expertise you need to run a successful short-term rental business.
Real-time integrated communication

Receive and respond to guest messages in real-time, ensuring prompt and personalized communication. Address guest inquiries and concerns promptly, fostering positive guest experiences.

Automate messages from pre-built templates

Craft personalized messages that resonate with your guests by leveraging the automated messaging feature. Easily utilize pre-built templates or create your own, incorporating dynamic attributes like guest names, reservation details, and special requests, ensuring that every interaction feels tailored to their specific needs.

Deliver personalized replies in the guest's native language

The language detection system identifies the language of incoming messages, enabling our communications hub to automatically send responses in the guest's native language to create a universally connecting and unforgettable experience.

Modernize guest experience with hassle-free check-In and secure data management

Ditch the hassle of standing in long queues and filling out paperwork, and welcome your guests to a world of unparalleled experiences. Empower them to begin their stay even before they arrive, completing their check-in process on their smartphones from anywhere, anytime.

Empower your team with recurrent task and automated assignment

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and ensure consistent execution. Assign tasks based on availability and skills, optimizing team performance and minimizing workload imbalances. Unleash your team's full potential by eliminating manual task management and fostering a culture of productivity and collaboration.

Intuitively manage and track management commissions

Effortlessly streamline your commission management with personalized calculation formulas and real-time tracking.

Calculate commissions with customizable rules

Tailored the specific requirements of each manager and owner, you can create customized rules to determine commission payouts based on various factors such as property type, lease duration, and performance. This level of flexibility ensures equitable and transparent commission structures across the portfolio.

Uncover insights with comprehensive commission reporting

Harness the power of data to gain actionable insights into your commission performance. Our comprehensive reporting module provides detailed breakdowns of commission earnings at the apartment and manager level, allowing you to identify trends, track progress, and optimize commission structures.

Own your booking experience
Create a brand website for direct reservations free of comissions.
Unleash direct bookings with zero commission

Establish your own booking channel, eliminating the need to rely on third-party platforms that charge hefty commissions on each reservation. Our website module provides you with full ownership over your booking process, allowing you to capture more revenue and maximize profit margins.

Seamless integration for Streamlined Guest Experience

Enjoy a seamless integration between your Talkguest property listings and your custom website. Guests can effortlessly browse and book directly through your website, accessing detailed property information tailored to your brand image and communication guidelines.

Safe payments and navigation for guest confidence

Ensure a secure and trustworthy booking experience for your guests with our fully integrated payment gateway and robust SSL security protocols. Guests can confidently make payments through your website, knowing their sensitive information is protected.

Understand how the business is performing
Receive real-time insights into reservations, operations, and financial performance, and enable owners to access key data at all times.

Track and visualize your business performance

Elevate your business insights with a hub for visualizing and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) across your business. Uncover hidden trends about properties and the operation, commissions, are more.

Dedicated owner portal

Empower owners with a real-time dashboard that provides insights into the properties' performance, operations, and commissions. Give owners the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize their ROI.

95% of users increased their revenue after switching to Talkguest
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